By: Niña Juscena Gulle

Family Day is a yearly activity held by First Touch Ministry (FTM), Cebu City. It is a day for FTM members to gather and meet each other for bonding moments outside the confines of the church building. It is also a platform for the members to showcase their hidden talents. All kinds of competitions and activities will be held during the event as well.

This year’s family day is extra special as brethren from EFC Carcar and EFC Balamban joined in, leading to a total of 188 adults and 25 kids who excitedly hopped into vans and buses at 6:00 in the morning on August 21, 2018 for a 2-hour ride towards the mountainous and winding road in the southern part of Cebu. Finally, the group reached Curbada dela Maria Resort in Aloguinsan, Cebu at 8:00 in the morning.

It was a sunny and glorious day for everyone. Immediately upon reaching the venue, each team set up their respective booths. As a custom, there will be a Best in Booth award at the end of the day. Prior to the said Family Day, the group was divided into teams for the games and food preparations.

The Family Day was formally opened with a praise and worship and giving of the Word of God by Pastor Jay Bautista. He gave a brief yet meaningful message about the power of prayer in bringing out solutions and miracles to any family situation. Right after the message, everyone ministered to each other by praying for one another and blessing each other. It was a picture of love in the family of Christ.

One of the highlights of the day, is the water baptism. The congregation witnessed and rejoiced as 6 members of FTM took the step of water baptism, namely: Jennie Fifth Perales, Chris John Lopez, Daryll Talaba, Clyde Justine Peña, Marian Grace Aquillo, and Louegie Narandan. After the ceremony, they gave their testimonies on how the Lord Jesus changed their lives. The joy of their salvation was evident in their faces. The congregation prayed for each one of them and congratulated them for their decision to follow Jesus.

Then the members visited each booth. Some booths served viands, others are desserts, fruits and drinks. There was a variety of food to choose from, most enjoyed the pork barbecue and marinated fried shrimp, while others set their eyes to a number of just-greasy-enough fried finger foods to pick and taste. The mouth-watering green mango delight dipped with spicy vinegar and bagoong, and the steamed sweet corn on the cob finely garnished with butter and cheese powder were a favorite too. And of course, the cold comfort of watermelons and different refreshments were most welcomed on a hot day. The booth games had a share of fun too as with their bad dog, Pic-Pac-Poe, and chubby bunny challenge where you crazily stuff 10 large marshmallows inside your mouth in one time and say the phrase “chubby bunny” without spitting out any of the marshmallows.

While the kids and some grown-ups occupied the big pool under the heat of the sun, there were icebreaker games on the side which surely made the day more enjoyable and sizzling. Some of the games played were blowing ping-pong ball on water-filled cups and hula hoop pass. All throughout the day, the group was occupied with food trips, games, and raffle draw. Finally, announcement was being done that the Water Melon Team won the best booth award. It was a fun filled day indeed for everyone.

More than the fellowship and laughter, the Family Day was a life-affirming event for all families present, it strengthened the bond of unity amongst members of FTM and built strong friendships to neighboring EFC churches as well. The group cheerfully headed home at 3:00 in the afternoon looking forward to the next family day in another destination next year. To God be the glory!