EFC- CDO youth help fellow students envision college degree

Many high school students think that since they know how to Facebook or some internet games, they are gifted with computer skills, so they enroll in a computer-related course. After one semester, they find themselves shifting to another course.  Other high school students use a “no-mathematics-please” standard in choosing a perfect pain-free college life. These and many other downbeat decisions lead to delayed and distracted college years.

Seeing their losing plight, Evangel Family Church Cagayan de Oro City organized a Career Guidance Seminar as a community outreach program to help high students envision college education and professional life.

Career Guidance talks are held every third or fourth Friday of the month where working adults in the church are invited as speakers. Since this project kicked off, qualified speakers for Engineering, Accountancy, Medical fields, Education and Vocational Technology courses already shared their different experiences from college life to their current profession. They also suggested best school offerings such as affordability and quality, as well as choices of scholarships offered by various colleges and universities.

A few weeks before the seminar started, our youth went to three public high schools in the City and invited their third year and fourth year students. As we explained to them the objective of this event, they were very optimistic.  Some school principals also suggested that we hold the event within their schools so many students could join. The students are thankful because many of them are still clueless for college.  They said that Universities are also conducting room-to-room career guidance but the difference with ours is that we don’t promote any particular school.  Our speakers simply freely share to them their actual experiences, know-how and wise tips so students can start early career planning with courses that are most appropriate for them. To add fun, we also have some trivia questions between talks, snacks and awards for our young, enthusiastic participants.

Some of these students are now coming back to church, and we are very glad that we influence their lives. They are so blessed with the testimonies of our guest speakers and are now beginning to desire for God. After every event, many don’t want to go home immediately because they love to fellowship with our young people. Although lots of them are not yet coming to our church every Sunday, we praise God for the privilege of planting the Seed of God’s Word in their appreciative hearts.

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