EFC CDO conducts Orality Training

By: Meryl Dominguez & Hannah Padinit

With people physically distanced from each other, churches are not able to have worship services, and outstations cancelled; but the work of God continues to move forward. Indeed, God is unstoppable to establish   His Kingdom here on Earth. During this time of the pandemic, many may feel that they are limited and bound by restrictions, but the Lord wants us to employ everything that we have.

Evangel Family Church – CDO held a workshop called “Orality Training” last November 30, 2020, wherein 27 outstation volunteers participated. Pastor Andrew Kwong initiated this training to equip and empower all church volunteers and leaders able to share the gospel effectively even during this pandemic.

The workshop kicked off with a video of the actual demonstration and flow of the Orality training. Everyone listened keenly to the presentation, observing, and learning the flow of oral storytelling. Afterwards, they were split into five groups to apply what they have watched in the video for an actual demonstration of how-to oral storytelling proceeded right after the group discussion. One representative from each group presented the story of “Zacchaeus, The Tax Collector” in Luke 19:1-10. Each of the groups delivered the demo remarkably.

The workshop was both a blessing and an opportunity for all who joined. Everyone learned an effective way to spread God’s Word and reach out to communities. After the training, others thought of teaching the same training to their respective ministry or groups. Although the workshop only lasted for about 2 hours, the church ensures everyone that COVID 19 safety regulations and health protocols were observed.

This pandemic may have impacted our faith with numerous restrictions, but we keep our faith and zeal active despite the circumstances. So, whenever the church resumes the regular activities like doing community outreach, the church will be ready, equipped, and empowered to spread the gospel and win souls for Jesus.