Crusade goes on despite faulty connection fire

By: Jeanelle Lorilla and Raphy Villanueva Abang

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Surrender. New Cebu residents accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of their lives.

Burning electrical wires have threatened the healing and concert crusade of EFC-Kidapawan at Brgy. New Cebu, President Roxas, North Cotabato this month. While the crusade team, was on stage preparing to launch, faulty wiring inside a barangay office caused sparks, much to the fright of onlookers especially that local officials supposed to be monitoring the event were not present.

The fire incident was the height of a rather disappointing reception EFC-Kidapawan team got from barangay officials on the night of the crusade. Before the concert, the barangay assured the provision of facilities such as lights and chairs for the concert, as requested by the church. However, on the night of the crusade, the team was surprised to arrive to a dark basketball court, the crusade’s venue, with no chairs at all.

As they started to set-up their instruments, electrical wires suddenly sparked and burned in a barangay office. Since the office was empty and closed, some of team members ran to look and inform the officials. The officials responded later than expected.

However, EFC-Kidapawan saw how God intervened that night. After the fire incident, the local officials suddenly gave them special attention by providing ample lighting and security for the crusade. The earlier fire commotion probably attracted more people to the venue. An estimated hundred people in the site received Jesus Christ. There were also those who watched and listened in their homes near the basketball court. From the stage, these people can be seen joining the worship right at their balconies.


Heavenly Sound. EFC Kidapawan Music Team rendered songs of redemption to the people of New Cebu.

The bad weather also could not ruin that night’s program.  As the crusade started, so did the rain. However, EFC Kidapawan did not falter in its purpose that night. All leaders and members simply united in prayer, and God stopped the rain. The Fire Band (EFC Kidapawan Music Team) heated up the night when they began playing. The night became hotter and hotter with the presence of Holy Spirit each time the music team sang to the Lord. The HOF Dance Crew and tambourine dancers energized the worship.

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“We are not bringing religion, but we bring Jesus.”-Pastor Tony J. Angelias sharing the message of salvation.

Rev. Tony J. Angelias talked about salvation. He emphasized that he is not bringing religion but he is bringing Jesus to New Cebu. “Money, work and government officials cannot save us, not even religion. It’s only Jesus who can save us. We need to believe in Jesus and accept Him as our Lord and personal savior,” Pastor Tony said.

FotorCreatedHe even shared his life before He met Jesus to encourage the people that they still have hope and chance to change. Pastor Tony then called the residents of New Cebu to accept Jesus. He said that they are not coming to him, but they are coming to Jesus. Pastor Tony declared healing as he prayed over the persons who are emotionally hurt or stressed, having heart failures, difficulty in breathing, and suffering from physical pain or spiritually thirst. “Open your heart; let God enter and move in your life,” he added. The leaders assisted Pastor Tony as he laid his hands and prayed for the people who responded. The crusade continued and ended with testimonies of people who miraculously experienced physical healing.



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