CPM Training Boosts Evangelistic Efforts of Tribal Workers

By: Jeanelle Grace B.  Lorilla

Reaching tribal people presents a series of challenges.  Many tribal church members interpret Christian evangelistic efforts to mean they must give up the heritage that is sacred to them. Because of this misconception, the gospel message is often met with cold reception. It is for this reason that JECPP through Church Planting Movement (CPM) trained 48 tribal pastors and volunteer workers to meet their spiritual needs and empower them to share their faith to their own people and surrounding villages.

The 2-days CPM Training was held at  Evangel Tribal Training Center in Barangay Ladayon, Arakan Valley, Cotabato on September 24 & 25, 2019. The subjects in the training include: Prayer, Leadership and Biblical Instruction.

Rev. Tony and Rev. Liza Angelias, offered their God-given talents as the speakers of the event.  Pastor Tony opened the sessions with a powerful message on Submission to Leaders, he shared about the importance of giving support to the leaders God has placed over them, by obedience and by becoming a committed part of a spiritual family. He mentioned the examples of Aaron and Hur who aided their leader Moses by holding up his hands so that the Israelites can prevail and win the battle. He added that victory over enemies happen when leaders are being helped. He further stressed that in the Kingdom of God, the role of each member is as important as the leader.

The next session’s topic was entitled “Double Anointing”, it was about the fascinating story of how the great prophet Elijah passed on his mantle- with it his prophetic anointing, to his student and successor Elisha who walked closely with him. Elisha’s hunger to be used by God paid off and he was able to receive a double blessing. He understood the importance of spiritual covering and alignment, he concluded.

On the other hand, Pastor Liza shared about the Power of Prayer entitled “If You Are Too Busy Not to Pray, Then You Are Too Busy”. She encouraged the participants to take time to pray, to listen to God, to respond to what God is saying to them, and to overcome prayer barriers.

The evening session was an uplifting time of worship and prayer. All participants gathered at the hall and spent the night in the presence of God. Pastor Tony gave a word on “7 Signs You are Under a Spiritual Attack”. He shared that at times we struggled about our circumstances, family, friends and ministry and we don’t know the source of the trouble.  He said that we need to realize that the enemy is a master deceiver, he wants to hinder the purposes of God by putting confusion and troubles in our lives. The Bible instructs us in Ephesians 6:10 that our struggle is not against flesh and blood.  He stressed that during these times we need to humble ourselves and seek the Lord, to take hold of God’s promises and stand strong in faith and putting the full armor of God.

A wonderful morning welcomed all the participants the following day.  They were filled with the word of God once again. Bro. Jose Rocha of EFC White Culaman enthusiastically shared his testimony on how he met Jesus and how he was so encouraged by the training to share his salvation story to other people. He acknowledged the need to continuously seek God and His power rather than worldly affairs. In addition, Bro. Hener Manguason testified how he encountered the loving touch of Jesus. He tearfully reminisced how God healed him from leprosy because of prayers. He lifted up the name of Jesus and declared his desire to faithfully serve Him together with his family.

The event ended with a shout of thanksgiving. The tribal pastors were grateful for the 2-days of equipping.  The presence of God was tangible in their smiles as they bid goodbye to their co-laborers in God’s vineyard. The training strengthened the ministers to continue in their journey of propagating the gospel to the unreached tribal group.

Isaiah 41:9 “I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you.  I said, ‘You are my servant’; I have chosen you and have not rejected you.”