Barangay officials prefer healing crusade over disco

By: Jeanelle Grace Lorilla

Last December 13, Barangay Meohao in Kadapawan City celebrated its Purok Foundation Anniversary with Gospel music and healing crusade. Barangay officials said they want an activity that would draw people to God instead of their usual disco parties that caused riots and crimes in the past. About 150 residents went out of their homes to join the revival crusade.

This community’s hunger for God started when EFC-Kidapawan conducted a Gospel concert and healing crusade there last December 5. Many received the Lord Jesus Christ and get healed in various aspects of their lives. But the Holy Spirit’s move in this barangay did not end that day.

A week later, local officials called EFC-Kidapawan to request another crusade be held for the town’s Foundation Anniversary. The number of residents who showed up was greater compared to the previous crusade. They were even more participative and more hungry for the message they were hearing. Everyone was crying and calling for the Lord. Most of the people fell on the ground in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

After Pastor Tony Angelias prayed and ministered, testimonies roused. A Barangay Councilor was instantly healed from her back pain. She had a problem with her spinal cord. Another woman with a heart disease thanked the Lord for the physical relief and “lightness” she felt after the crusade. There were also lots of open doors for Bible study. One man approached the crusade team and invited them to visit his farm so that his family and farm workers will receive the Lord Jesus Christ too.

After the crusade, the officials brought the team for dinner and fellowship to one of the barangay councilors’ house. The day was filled with so much victory. To God be all the Glory.