Packed with the zeal to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth, Rev. Dr. Robert Lim, the founding chairman of JECPP Inc., accompanied by three Singaporean members of EFC-Singapore namely, Bro. Lachman Mahtani, Bro. David Ng Yin Lai and Maj. Ivan Tan headed their way to Davao City to dedicate the Evangel Tribal Training Center (ETTC) at Ladayon, Arakan Valley, North Cotabato on September 16, 2011. With them as well were Rev. Chuck Chua, Senior Pastor of EFC Cebu and Chairman of JECPP, Rev. Andrew Kwong, Senior Pastor of EFC Cagayan de Oro and Rev. Peter Wee & Rev. Christine Wee.

“DARE TO ASK FOR MORE” was the theme of Rev. Robert Lim’s message and is exactly the description of how miraculously God provided the six hectares of land to JECPP. ETTC is a place to house and equip the tribal ministers with trainings to further increase their knowledge and strengthen their passion to share the Word of God to the Matigsalug tribe and people living in the highlands.

Forty-five tribal volunteers and ministers welcomed the visiting team headed by Rev. Patricio & Rev. Mivelyn Margate, the tribal host pastors of EFC Marahan, Marilog District. The dedication of this facility was formally opened by the ceremonial cutting of ribbon and unveiling of the Plaque Of Dedication, followed by the wonderful Praise & Worship filled with the presence of God, the tribal ministers sang their heart out to God in thanksgiving for the blessing of this training center. The entire service culminated with the distribution of twenty thousand pesos worth of groceries given to all the families of the tribal pastors and volunteers.