JECPP First Audio Workshop

Audio Check 1, … 2, …3, ….

By Bong Sepulveda

  And all the people went up after him, playing pipes and rejoicing greatly, so that the ground shook with the sound. (1 Kings 1:40 NIV)

Last October 2 to 3, 2013, JECPP, in partnership with SHOWIMAGE, held its first Audio workshop with the theme: “Basic Audio System Applications for End-Users Workshop” held at Evangel Family Church-Davao. The workshop was formally opened by Rev. Peter Wee, and the Resource Speaker was Engr. Dennis B. Domingo, owner of SHOWIMAGE Inc. There were 26 JECPP delegates in all from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao who were trained on the Public Audio (PA) System to help them balance good and clear sounds for church services.

On the first day, delegates were taught on the basics of the PA System setup for different venues, as well as surroundings and applications for each venue. The delegates were also taught to know basic terms such as: Mixers, Power Amplifiers, Monitors, etc. and the basic functions of these equipment.

On the second day, we were taught how to manipulate the sound mixers. The hands-on experience boosted the enthusiasm of the delegates as we learned proper handling of the Analog and the Digital Mixer. There was also a question and answer session where the resource speaker addressed concerns raised by delegates over PA systems in their own respective churches.

We must value the PA System as a tool that helps church members to fully grasp the message conveyed to them by the speaker or Pastor. It also enhances the harmony of the instruments, thus, enabling the worshipers to fully participate and further enjoy the songs and the presence of the Lord. Even in the history of the Old Testament church, God gave clear commands to His people on clear sounds of “rumbling of thunders, the sounds of the trumpets and the clarity of His voice”.

Engr. Domingo, whom we all fondly call Kuya Dave or Brother Dave, gave us a reminder on the role of someone who operates sounds. “You must not use just your ears but use your heart. Mixing sound is a talent and we should ask from God who gives generously to those who ask for it.”

The heart beats life to our physical body. In the same way, a good sound that comes from the heart releases life to the hearers, he said. “You can either be used by God to produce anointed sound, or by the enemy to produce noise and neglect the body of Christ by blocking the clear message God intends for all.”

It is imperative that in our modern churches today, the PA system must be deemed as an important part of the church. Despite this fact though, we must never forget that what matter most to God are our hearts and our motives. As worship leaders, we must glorify the Lord Almighty in everything that we do. Let us press on and strive to improve on the sound management in all our Churches, all for the Glory of God.

2nd batch of TWIT graduates boosts tribal missions

By La Donna Yap

When the rest of the world is busily catching up with “Twitter”, ten zealous workers diligently connected the gospel to the unreached tribes by following “T.W.I.T.”

T.W.I.T for them stands for Tribal Workers Intensive Training which started last January to July 2013.

 Their hard work was rewarded with no other than the JECPP Founding Chair, Rev. Dr. Robert Lim, came all the way from Singapore as the guest speaker on their graduation day. And Rev. Peter Wee, the current JECPP Chairman personally had the privilege of handing them their Certificate of Training on July 31, 2013 at Evangel Tribal Training Center, Barangay Ladayon, Arakan Valley, Marilog District of Davao.

On top of that, the JECPP Spiritual Leaders and Regional Directors namely:  Rev. Jessie Yu, Luzon; Rev. Chuck Chua, Central and Eastern Visayas; Rev. Benjamin Chavez, Western Visayas; Rev. Andrew Kwong, Northern Mindanao; and Rev. Christine Wee took off from their respective offices to support and to lay their hands in prayer on the new graduates. 


This extensive training for the tribal ministers was made possible with the partnership of JECPP and the Tribal Mission Foundation Inc. (TMFI), who dedicatedly shared their time, resources and teaching. The following are the lessons in which these tribal ministers were equipped with:

  • S O W – School of Workers – a simple and transferrable Bible training course designed to equip students for evangelism and discipleship using the cell group method. The desired result is for church planters to raise up workers that would in turn reach out to others.
  • R A D – Rural Area Development a system that explores principles and practical approaches to help rural people manage, conserve and develop their resources particularly in the area of sustainable agriculture and sound environmental practices. Hands on activities include the practice of a simple gardening technique combined with the module of Integrated Farming. 
  • CHRONO – Chronological Bible Story Telling – an evangelistic tool that communicates Biblical truths and theology through the narrative method. This culturally relevant approach starts the account from creation and ends by providing a foundation for How & Why Jesus Christ is the only one who can save mankind. 
  • PHC – Primary Health Care – practical lessons on hygiene, proper nutrition, herbal remedies and first aid, this module also includes practical strategies of developing a community based health care system. 
  • S T S – Simply the Story – a Bible Study tool that narrates story segments of the Bible and uses open questions to dig out spiritual truths and applications. 

This curriculum was carefully designed to balance culture and development, a combination of holistic development and Native Spirituality to meet the needs of the tribal people. 

founding_chair_pas_limFurther, Rev. Lim stirred the graduates with the liberating message entitled “SET FREE FOR THE GLORY OF GOD” taken from Luke 13:10-17. He emphasized that we have the power of the risen Christ to set the captives free. He said that most people now, whether in the mountains or those in the cities, are stricken with “sickness of the soul”. We, with the resurrection power of Jesus, can release them from this bondage, said Pastor Lim. 

 The graduates were filled with overflowing joy, enthusiasm and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. They went home with a bag of goodies and supplies as well as a pair of rubber boots to start their mission journey.   

Testimonies from the graduates: 

bro_jose_rochaJose Rocha: “Daku kaayo ug tabang alang nako ang “S O W- School of Workers”, dinhi nako nasabtan nga ako tinawag sa Dios sa pagpangabig ug kalag alang kaniya, ug Iya akong gipuno sa Balaang Espiritu alang niini nga buluhaton.” (“S O W – School of Workers” helped me tremendously. Here, I understand, that I am called to win souls for the kingdom of God and that the Holy Spirit empowered me for this ministry). 


bro_alvin_ligueAlvin Ligue: “Salamat kaayo sa Ginoo niining gitudlo kanamo nga R A D – Rural Area Development.  Among natun-an unsaon pag amuma ning among bukid ug daku kaayo ni nga tabang sa among pagpanginabuhi. Ako dayung gisulayan ang akong natun-an sa R.A.D ug nakita nako nga adunay deperensya kung naa nakay kaalam unsaon pag-atiman sa mga tanum. Nagpasalamat gayud ako nga gitudlu-an mi niini. Daghan pa diay ug maayong mga paagi nga makapanalangin ta sa uban, dili lang sa pagtudlo nila sa kaluwasan apan sa pagtabang usab nila sa ilang panginabuhi.” (I am thanking God that we were taught about R A D – Rural Area Development, We have learned how to cultivate our land, and it is a very big help for our livelihood. I applied our lessons immediately and I recognized the difference of those who have knowledge in scientific farming and those who do not. We can minister to them spiritually, and we can also bless and help them in their livelihood). 

bro_edwin_lapasanEdwin Lapasan: “Sa CHRONO -Chronological Story, akong nasabtan ang sunod-sunod nga pagsaysay sa Bibliya, nakatabang jud kini nga masabtan nako ang mga panghitabo sa Bibliya, aron sakto pud akong pagsaysay sa uban.” (In CHRONO -Chronological Story, I learned the sequential order of the Bible. It is very helpful so that I can explain it correctly to others as well). 



Mulyboy Indat:   “Alang kanamo nga layu kaayo sa tambalanan, daku gayud kaayo ug kahimu-an kining gitudlo kanamo nga PHC – Primary Health Care. Usahay sa among pagbisita sa mga katribuhan, aduna silay mga panginahanglan, labi na jud sa ilang panglawas, apan wala kami laing mahimo apan lamang sa pag-ampo. Karon amo na silang maampo-an ug matudlu-an kung unsaon pag atiman sa atong mga panalwas.” (For us who live far from Health Care facilities, we are really grateful that we are taught about PHC – Primary Health Care.  There are times when we are faced with people who are sick. All we can do is pray for them, but right now, we can pray and teach them preventive measures for their health). 

sis_divina_mambayenDivina Mambayen: “Nindot kaayo ang S T S – Simply the Story, kay diri among nasayran mga laglum na nga mga pagtudlo sa Bibliya pina-agi sa storya. Unya among nasayran nga lingaw kaayo tun-an ang Bibliya.”  (S T S – Simply the Story is wonderful. We learned deep spiritual truths of the Bible through the stories. We learned that studying the Bible is very enjoyable.) 

Acts 1:8 “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”



JECPP 10th Tribal Medical Mission

JECPP 10th Tribal Medical Mission

– A decade of giving hope to the weary

By La Donna S. Yap


Rev. Peter Wee, the chairman of Jireh-Evangel Church Planting in the Philippines (JECPP) and Senior Pastor of EFC-Davao led at least  60 enthusiastic volunteers from the church, JECPP tribal pastors and leaders, a group from Davao City Health Office, dentists and medical doctors to Marahan, Marilog District, Davao City to take part in the 10thAnnual Medical Mission of JECPP on April 24, 2013.

The team was welcomed with excitement and grateful faces of our tribal brethren who eagerly lined up for registration at 8:00 am in the gymnasium of West Marahan Elementary School.

Mrs. Beatriz Elvira

Mrs. Beatriz Elvira


In an interview, one of the recipients of the Medical Mission, Mrs. Beatriz Elvira, 51, said that she and her family waited for the JECPP Annual Medical Mission for the whole family’s medical check-up.  She added that without this mission, they would not be able to know their health condition.



Mr. Jolito Ambong

Mr. Jolito Ambong



Mr. Jolito Ambong, 27, happily carried his son John Patrick to line up for the free medical consultation. According to Mr. Ambong, his son is always coughing,but they do not have the resources to bring him to the doctor.  He exclaimed how blessed they are that the hospital (Medical Mission) came to them.


Ms. Ailyn Espera

Ms. Ailyn Espera


Mrs. Ailyn Espera, 26, could not wait for the Medical Mission’s date.  She was suffering from a constant tooth ache which disturbed her daily routine, but after benefiting from the free tooth extraction, she gleefully blurted, “the suffering is over!. 





These boys were eagerly waiting for their turn to be circumcised. “Tuli” or circumcision, is a deeply cultural and hygiene-related procedure; it is a “rite of passage” for young Filipino males.

For the past 10 years, JECPP Medical Mission endeavored to act as a beacon of light and hope for our tribal brethren in Marilog District by shouldering medical expenses and providing services that typically require payment such as medical checkups, tooth extraction and Operation Tuli.  These services were combined with the provision of free medicines, vitamins, deworming and immunization.

The annual event was supported by diligent efforts of Davao City Health Office and a number of local professional doctors.

All volunteers were offered the opportunity to witness, learn and get hands on experience in assisting local doctors. Even those who were volunteering outside of the medical rooms were able to support the smooth running of the day by admitting patients, recording their medical history and serving in the Pharmacy. Another group was also assigned to make and serve “lugaw”(rice porridge)  to the recipients.

In particular, the 10th JECPP Medical Mission was able to extend support to 446 individuals with the provision of the following services:

345 availed of the free medical checkup

52 availed of the free dental service (tooth extraction)

35 availed of the free Operation Tuli Procedures

14 availed of the free Pneumococal Immunization

The Medical Mission is one of JECPP’s annual contributions to the work of God and to bring our tribal brethren to the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



Meet the JECPP Medical Mission volunteers who labored unceasingly for 10 years:

  1. Dr. Rizaldo Gonzales IMG_0815

The first time I attended the JECPP Medical Mission, I saw firsthand how passionately the Singaporean Missionaries served my very own tribal brethren. As a Filipino doctor, I was challenged by how they left their families and used their own resources to serve the Filipinos wholeheartedly.  That was my turning point, and ever since my wife and I, together with my children, supported and volunteered for JECPP Medical Mission.

In fact, our year will not be complete without it. My fellow medical practitioners whom I recruited to join also feel the same. I am humbled every time I saw the grateful faces of our beloved tribal brethren. To help them ease their pain and burden encouraged me to keep on coming back. For me, joining the JECPP Medical Mission is more than my social responsibility; it is my way of giving back to God what He has been blessing us with.     



  1.   Ptr. Judith F. KintanarDSC_0534

The compassion from God motivates me to serve in the JECPP Medical Mission. To see the people being helped in their physical condition is a reflection that Jesus does not just care for our spiritual but also our physical condition.

Seeing the  pastors- both from tribal and city, doctors, nurses and members of Evangel Family Church from Singapore and Davao  who tirelessly work together to bless the unreached tribal people without any monetary incentives is very heart warming.  

Sometimes, medical teams come straight from their night duties to join this mission. They have not returned yet to their families or gotten any rest, but they are still willing and delighted to offer their services yearly for the JECPP Medical Mission.

To see Pastor Wee and Pastor Christine, together with other Singaporean volunteers helping and always looking for means how to better serve and bless the Filipino tribal people, even with language barrier, is really an encouragement. Truly, love knows no language.

Lastly, knowing that Pastor Robert Lim and all JECPP pastors are praying and giving their financial and moral support motivates me to go on the task yearly in blessing the tribal folks without any hesitations. 


Prov. 11:25  The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.


youthcamp4Evangel Family Church Tagum has hosted  Davao del Norte region Sec-A’s 3rd Youth Camp with the theme “RENEW YOUR PASSION” last March. 

More than 70 young people from Kapalong, Florida, Carmen, Panabo, Kidaraan, Laak, New Corella and Tagum outstation churches were blessed with revival messages throughout the two days and three nights of fellowship.

I noticed the excitement and the hunger of the youth to encounter the Lord. Our hearts and minds were nourished in the night sessions where our pastors served variety of topics such as Renewing your passion, Pakigsuod sa Dios, Finish Well, Power to conquer with God, Built on a rock and Knowing your purpose. We also stretched our muscles and enlarged our friendships in our basketball and volleyball matches on the second day.youthcamp2

On our last day, we were grouped to share our personal testimonies. Stories from pastors and peers reminded us how great and faithful God is in our lives. We were more inspired to serve God. Disappointment was defeated that day because we were comforted by God through the encouragements we received.

A common problem mentioned by the young people during this sharing was persecution from family members when they received Jesus. One youth who is the family’s breadwinner was mistreated by his brothers when he wanted to work in the church. They wanted him to look for a more lucrative work instead and ordered him to stop attending church. Because of this, he backslid several times. He was thankful for the counseling time of the camp that enabled him to open his feelings and receive decision-making advice and guidance from pastors.

We also heard a testimony from a female youth. She and her siblings are also persecuted by their mother because her mother is very much against the church.  When their mother sees them dressed and ready for church every Sunday, she would call them back in to their house and immediately assign chores.  

Another testimony was shared by someone who has just attended church for three months only. He said he was rebel at a young age. He even had a gun and lived a violent life. 

youth camp1 Before he met Chist, he thought that was the only way to live. But instead of being happy with the positive change in him, his family started to intimidate him the moment he came to church. He shared that every Sunday, he would throw his church clothes outside the window so he would not be caught by his mother. Then he would slowly go outside, quickly pick them up and put on for church. He said fought for his salvation because he got  joy when God changed his life. He testified that during the youth camp, he was revived and have known God more.

On the last night of the camp, Pastor Rosario Simpas preached on The purpose of the cross. Wewent down on our knees; we remembered God’s sacrifice on the cross that gives us not even one reason to turn our backs on him. It was really the first time that I have experienced something this great that happened in the church. The place shook. We thought there was an earthquake, but there was none. The Holy Spirit literally shook us. Wow! God’s awesome presence was with us! We were crying. Voices were lifted out so loud, very desperate to touch God. The Holy Spirit was ministering to every heart. It was very good to see that despite the world’s wickedness, there is this young generation that finds God’s presence as the best thing life can ever have.



(written by Micah Simpas)


Light rain did not dampen the excitement in the air last July 14, 2012. Resplendent in their Matigsalug tribal attire, 14 trainees, together with family, friends and mentors celebrated the successful culmination of the seven-month long training at Ladayon, Arakan Valley. For one week every month since January, each one of them made the regular trip to the Evangel Tribal Training Center from their respective homes and places of ministry to go through one of the nine modules on Evangelism, discipleship, health, agriculture, literacy and community development.

One of the Cebuano songs in the ceremony captured the shared experience from the first module to the last. The abounding grace and anointing of God made all those learning moments life-changing ones for everybody involved. Five people gave testimonies on the different modules. “The power of God’s anointing is real so His servants can exercise their gifts”, Pastor Maximo Lasquite declared. His learning about spiritual gifts and desiring the gift of healing was immediately put to test when He went back to his community. A neighbor had severe diarrhea and was close to being dehydrated. Before deciding to bring him to the hospital, the wife asked Ptr. Lasquite for prayers. Immediately the neighbor felt relief, and there was no need to go to the hospital. Maryflor Caday shared how she used the Chronological Bible Story Telling in Sunday School classes and Bible Study groups. The members were really excited and deep spiritual discussions resulted from her sessions. Elmer Ramirez, who is an experienced commercial farmer, shared about some eye-opening lessons learned during the Sustainable Agriculture module. He realized that as a farmer, he is responsible to give customers quality products, aside from being concerned only with good harvest and income.  He learned this as another dimension to stewardship.  Another student, Mary Ann, was very grateful for the practical things she learned from the Health module, especially on how to administer First Aid. She believed that it will help her become a more effective minister of the gospel in Guilon. Ramil, on the other hand, talked about his desire to teach his members how to read the Bible. At first he found the Literacy module difficult, but after much prayer, he found it easier to understand. He is now looking forward to helping his members acquire literacy skills. All of them were grateful for all the practical modules they had gone through.

The graduation ceremony was highlighted by Ptr. Christine Wee’s challenge to the graduates to continue doing the unfinished task Jesus left to His church. She reminded them that the unquestionable love of God, with His unstoppable power and unfailing promises to us, will definitely propel us to reap more souls into God’s kingdom.

Last June, the trainers for this first batch talked about involving these graduates in the logistics and actual training for the next batches.  The ‘Paul- and-Timothy principle’ of passing on these teachings to faithful men and women is very much in evidence. Our sincere appreciations to Sis Beng Bicaldo and her team from TMFI (Tribal Mission Foundation International) who has  partnered with us in training our tribal workers for the expansion of God’s kingdom in the Marilog District.


In Matthew 25:40, the King says “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me”.

These are the words of the Lord Jesus put into practice as Evangel Family Church in coordination with JECPP held its “Typhoon Pablo Disaster Relief Operation” in the Municipality of Boston and Barangay Carmen in Davao Oriental Region last December 18, 2012.

The activity was spearheaded by none other than our Founding Chairman, Rev. Dr. Robert Lim. Pastor Wee, together with some members, surveyed the area and coordinated with the Barangay Officials and the Police Department for systematic distribution as well as for the safety of our team.

Typhoon Pablo first made landfall in Davao Oriental, particularly in the towns Baganga, Boston and Cateel last December 4, 2012 and affected thousands of lives, young and old. Hundreds were buried alive who, up to now have not yet been recovered. The intensity and magnitude of typhoon Pablo has exceeded that of typhoon Sendong. It was tagged as the strongest tropical storm, PAG-ASA labelled super typhoon, to hit the country this year specifically in Southern Mindanao. As described by Pastor Lim, it was 700 kilometer wide like a lawn-mover and vacuum cleaner combined, blowing up and sucking up the whole Davao Oriental area. Typhoon Pablo caused widespread destruction resulting to destroyed properties, disrupted communication lines, cut-off power, flooding, landslides and uprooted trees and thousands of homeless families. Pastor Chua said that compared to the Visayas, the impact of the typhoon was so great in Mindanao. He described it as mind-boggling as he himself saw the devastation. This was indeed very rare that a typhoon will be passing this area; its devastation can leave one speechless.

Moved by the sight, Pastor Lim thought of how to help and took a greater leap of faith to raise funds for this relief operation. A close Malaysian friend of Pastor Lim, who was so generous, gave a certain amount of money on time, which was used to purchase the goods. A total of 1500 bundles containing rice, canned goods, noodles and loaf bread were packed. Aside from that, 105 bottles of 6-liter and 100 pieces of 21- liter water from Crystal Clear, goodies for the children and clothes coming from donations of our church members and EFC-Singapore were distributed. With the help of some of the church members, who voluntarily offered their time and effort, the packing of the goods lasted for a week from December 10-15 under the guidance of Pastor Christine. They were grateful to God for sparing Davao City from the destruction and in doing so; they have become a part of God’s work towards the victims of the typhoon. They gladly and enthusiastically did it in service to God and man.

On December 17, 2012, we started to load the goods to the two trucks. Thanks to Brother PJ Pascua, who initiated and offered a closed Elf truck where we can stack half of the goods. The other half was placed in a Forward truck that was rented. Some members came to load the goods onto the two trucks. Pastor Christine together with Bro Sam Simpas and Bro Michael Barrera left in advance with the trucks at 12 midnight reaching Boston area at around 7:00 am to finalize and coordinate with the Barangay and Military officials who will aid us during the distribution. Another team left Davao City on December 18 at 4:00 am and met up with a separate team in Tagum City. Along the way, the rain was pouring so heavily. In our hearts, we thought the operation might not push through but God was awesome and merciful that by the time we reached the place at around 9:00 am, the sun shone through every dark cloud to put a smile on every face. Pastor Lim shared to us that he texted Pastor Marion to uphold us in prayer because of the rain. Pastor Marion reminded him that as God was in the storm with Elijah, then God is also with us in the rain. How great was the impact of her words to put our trust in our God earnestly.

Upon reaching the place, we could see people already lining up inside a church to avail of the relief goods. We waited for about an hour because another truck was set ahead to bring down their goods from another company. Nearly 11:00 am, we started to hand out the goods. At first, we had a difficulty managing the crowd because they were so desperate that they started pushing towards the distributors. Thanks to our military officers who were there to supervise. Some team members even went up the truck while the military officers collected the green cards which the residents used to acknowledge that they have received their portion. A total of 1, 010 residents were served in the Municipality of Boston.

Then, we headed towards Barangay Carmen and distributed about 490 packs to the residents there. In this area which is along the highway, we saw the immense wreckage of the typhoon. Most the houses don’t have roofs anymore, and some even tumbled down. The people were so thankful for what they have received. In their own language, they said “salamatay” to us. We could see happy faces when we left. The remaining goods were sent off to a small barangay called Linggi, which was very difficult for the truck to manoeuvre through the small lanes. Kagawad Altizo offered to carry the clothes and goods to them.

The team left Carmen at about 3:00 pm. And just as we began driving off, we suddenly noticed a brilliant, beautiful rainbow above the sky, reminding us there is always hope after the storm. After a four-hour travel, we reached Tagum City for our dinner. Following that sumptuous meal, we bade goodbye to the Tagum team and headed home to Davao. The testimonies I could hear from my companions were so heart-warming that they put aside every complaint of tiredness. Their hearts were filled with joyful sentiments of extending help to strangers by giving food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, and clothes to the needy. As we do these things to them, we do the same to our God. Our stories were full of gladness.

Finally, Pastor Lim shared his words to all of us during the appreciation dinner, that one thing he admired of the Filipinos is that they can smile amidst devastation, and they can handle any disaster. His heart goes to the old and the babies who are suffering the most. He further pointed out that this activity is just short term and that we are going to believe that God will touch people for resources to come in to help families. He also mentioned about a desire to plant a little church there. And through this we can share God’s love to them and the hope that we have in Christ Jesus which is lasting and eternal. He added that there’s hope for the living, and their hope is Jesus.

We are very thankful to Almighty God for keeping us safe during our travel, for giving us healthy bodies to do His work and the joy to serve Him. We are also grateful to Him for giving us such leaders who were willing to go and support us in this very challenging task. Together as we join hands, we can do much more for the long term assistance of the victims. Thank you for all your prayers, and may God continually bless us to be a blessing to others.