The First DVBS in Sitio Olalo, Ajuy Iloilo

By: Sis. Hella Nimes

“Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them for such belongs to the Kingdom of God” Luke 18:6

Evangel Family Church Ajuy leaders and workers conducted 3 days of daily vacation bible school last May 19-21, 2015 at Sitio Olalo, Pili Ajuy Iloilo. This ministry had three main purposes: First, to reach out to the people of Sitio Olalo with the gospel of Jesus Christ; Second, to convert them to genuine Christianity; Third, to congregate them, especially the next generation.

The strategies that were used were very effective. House to house visitation was done the day before, in order to invite them for the DVBS the following day; and posters were posted in some houses to inform the people about the said ministry. In order to capture the interest of the youth and the children, snacks were served after classes, and school supplies were given as graduation gifts for those who had been faithful in attendance. Different awards were also given to deserving students; and some of them were given the opportunity to enhance their talents by presenting their own special numbers in order to entertain the classes.

All in all we can say that the DVBS that we conducted in Sitio Olalo, was a success, because up to now, the youth and children who had participated in the DVBS, continue to attend our Sunday services; and enthusiastically attend the Bible Study that we conduct every Saturday in their Sitio.

We are truly grateful for the lives of those committed members of EFC Ajuy, who became part of this wonderful ministry. We also like to thank Sis. Theresa Oscares who financially supported this ministry by providing the school supplies for the youth and children who participated in our DVBS. We also like to thank our Pastors: Rev. Benjamin Chavez and Rev. Lina Chavez for their financial and spiritual support. All glory and honor belongs to God!


Northern Mindanao music teams learned worship language

By: Deljane Balagtas

IMG_3953It is widely known that music is the language of the soul, and that it plays a great role in church services. Praise and worship is a time when people express their devotion unto God through songs, and well-arranged music helps people tune in to the spiritual realm.

Training is therefore crucial for all musicians and singers so they can effectively minister in worship services. In line with this, a music workshop was held at Evangel Family Church Cagayan de Oro last April 28 to 29 to equip and improve music teams from different Evangel Family Churches all over Northern Mindanao.

Music teams from Malaybalay, Balingasag, Lala and Manticao came in the morning of the first day. In the afternoon, the workshop was opened with a prayer by Pastor Rowena Kwong followed by a short praise and worship and orientation of participants.

The workshop was divided into three sub-groups: Song Leading led by Pastor Rowena Kwong and Philip Salinas, Guitar & Keyboard led by Neil Gregory Simpas, and Drums led by Jefferson Ouano.

Song leading participants were given an overview on the basics of song lineups for different church services and events, proper ways of song leading, keys and timing, and hand signals. The participants were also given a chance to examine themselves on what area they must improve for better song leading. The guitar and keyboard participants where taught the necessities on playing instrument as well as enhancement of hearing and listening skills which are very important in learning new songs. Drum participants, on the other hand, were taught beats and rolling in drums.

After the first session, all groups were given assignments. For song leading, each one must prepare a line-up according to a chosen theme. For the guitar and keyboard participants, they must learn one song by ear. Drum participants were asked to demonstrate the beats taught to them. The participants also gathered for prayer meeting in the evening. A short message reminded and inspired the singers and musicians to always clothe themselves with God’s anointing.

The morning session of the second day started with a praise and worship led by one of the participants in song leading. Workshop groups resumed and got even more exciting after the announcement of a praise and worship in the afternoon to be led by one from each group of participants. Facilitators of each group chose one participant for the final praise and worship as the culmination of the entire activity.

The participants also got a chance to learn teaching skills because they were invited to a meeting of Sunday School teachers right after the music workshop. In this gathering, EFC Cagayan de Oro and outreach teachers underwent guidance in lesson plans, creative visual aids and songs. An open-forum on classroom management and teaching strategies was also conducted.

After a hectic day, participants were treated at Mang Inasal for a hearty meal. The evening continued sweetly at JCO for doughnut dessert. After the good food experience, the best ending of the whole music experience was again another round of praise and worship that night.


The Road to Prosperity for Professionals

by Micah Simpas

3Most professionals believe that hard work is a sure track of the money trail. But true divine prosperity is more than just seeing labor and cash flow.

The 2nd Professionals’ seminar called “The Rocky Road to Prosperity” was held last April 24, 2015 at Evangel Family Church-Tagum with speakers Engineer Dave and Godeth Domingo from Evangel Family Church-Davao. The seminar showed a Biblical understanding of wealth that transcends material abundance. Such prosperity also draws us closer to God instead of making us too busy making money. In fact, Bro. Dave warned us of an overwhelming desire for financial gain that would leave us spiritually bleeding. Therefore, prosperity is a spiritual battle that has a winning or a losing end.

In order to win, Bro. Dave taught us the principles of supply, support, sow, surplus, storehouse and sacrifice. These values are forged in love and generosity, and they can be shown in three ways. First, we are encouraged to help or give in any way we can to God’s kingdom because the Lord rewards faithfully. Second, we must love and support generously our pastors and others who labor for God, and third and most importantly, we must give back what belongs to God in tithes and offering.

Prof. gatheringAs an entrepreneur himself, Bro. Dave shared his personal testimony of how these principles steered his steps in the rocky road of business venture. Aside from teaching us how to prosper, he also cautioned us with attitudes that indicate love of money. Bro. Dave capped his talk with a warning to “remember Him always all the days of our lives especially when we are prosperous.”

Many of the participants said that this seminar is unique and relevant to the needs of the people. Rev. Greg Simpas of EFC-Tagum testified that he was teary-eyed when listening, and he would have wanted to move the seminar on a Sunday service so more people could hear and be blessed. We thank God for using Engr. Dave and Sis. Godeth as living examples of God’s overflowing blessings, and we thank them both for sharing to us how to win and prosper.


EFC-Marahan trained Sunday School Tribal Teachers

By La Donna Yap9

Sunday School teachers of the Matigsalog tribe at Marilog District, Davao City underwent training to effectively win tribal children to Christ last April 29.

Sixteen eager teachers and EFC-Marahan pastors Rev. Patricio and wife Rev. Mivelyn Margate warmly welcomed training facilitators Cecille Gacasan and La Donna Yap who are experienced Sunday School teachers of EFC-Davao. The facilitators’ passion was equaled by the trainees’ enthusiasm and openness. The anointing and joy of the Holy Spirit, the Great Teacher, spurred the whole day event.

Teacher Cecille taught the participants new action songs and games for children.  She used team work and cooperative learning as strategies for student-centered Sunday School classes. As opposed to traditional teaching where a teacher does everything, a student-centered class promotes age-appropriate tasks and responsibilities to all learners. Teacher Cecille also taught the tribal teachers how to start training little ones in prayer, games and worship leading.

Teacher La Donna, for her part, taught techniques in memory verses.  The techniques are very helpful in sustaining the interest and short attention of children.  She also demonstrated how to accurately explain and creatively communicate Bible verses to kids.

The highlight of the training was the sharing of the Gospel to little children.  The trainers introduced The Wordless Book and the Bridge Method to help children grasp salvation.

The Wordless Book is a colorful illustration to help children understand spiritual truths, such as the black first page indicating sin, and the red second page signifying the blood of Jesus that washes away our sins. The Bridge Method is based on John 14:6 which hails Jesus as the only way to salvation. The Bridge Method also identifies different futile ways of man trying to save himself. An example is the story of the Tower of Babel where man unsuccessfully tried to connect to God through great knowledge or magnificent deed.

With these simple presentations, not only the teachers but also the young children can share the gospel of salvation to family, friends and neighbors.

At the end of the day, the Name of the Lord is praised.  The participants went home blessed and ready to spread love to the children whose tender hearts and great faith amazed Jesus Himself!